Nathalie Wesseling is senior lecturer at the faculty of Digital Media and the Creative Industry of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. In her research, she investigates the factors of academic advancement and the relation between social media and the success of students in higher education. For the department of Communication and Creative Business (formerly known as Media, Communication and Information) she researches the predictive value of a student choice test. Furthermore, she studies the influence of (social) media upon society and ethical questions surrounding it.

areas of expertise

* Influence of (social) media

* Higher education and factors of study success

* Integration or engagement in education

* ‘Digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrant’

* Influence of (social)media upon society

* Network / information society

* Digital sociology / Social physics

* Factor analysis / Principal Component analysis/Data analysis

* Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with SPSS AMOS

* Evaluation of students & education

* Media literacy and internet skills